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The Fourth Virtual Meeting of the HERSUS consortium

The fourth Internal Virtual Meeting of the HERSUS Program board was held with the objective of finalizing IO2 Questionnaire for the State of Art and preparation for the dissemination of the results.

A total of 9 representatives participated in this event, while meeting minutes and conclusions were distributed among individual partner institution teams in the following days.

The agenda of the internal meeting included:

  • IO2 – Review and Finalization of the Questionnaires for Students and Experts (Presentation of final samples, Discussion on distribution strategy).
  • IO4 – HERSUS Sharing platform (Progress state)
  • IO3 – Statements for Teaching through Design for Sustainability of the Built Environment and Heritage Awareness (Informing partners on the timeline for IO3 development)
  • IO1 – Brief review of the dissemination strategy of the final results and publication.
  • LTT – Postproduction activities regarding Seminar Booklet (transcription, authorization and design)
  • Additional issues regarding Internal reporting
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