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University of Belgrade-Faculty of Architecture
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Vladan Djokińá

Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships for higher education


Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher Education

November 2020 – August 2023

Co-funded by the

Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

HERSUS Mission.

HERSUS Mission.

  • To provide architectural and urban design students routes to employment and enhancing professional capacities
HERSUS Vision.

HERSUS Vision.

  • To create a strong community of students, teachers and professionals in the field of sustainable design of built environment and heritage
HERSUS Values.

HERSUS Values.

  • Heritage Awareness
  • Sustainability
  • Creativity
  • Innovation


HERSUS Partnership

HERSUS brings together five Universities from Serbia, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, and Spain working together on the design and development of the courses while disseminating knowledge through international training courses, workshops, and a jointly built Sharing Platform. The project proposes a number of activities of cooperation between the research, private and public sectors, targeting both local and regional support towards higher education-practical arena cooperation.

Project Overview


  • to enhance existing study programs at the MSc level
  • to achieve a stable and sustainable education framework complementary to the globally established goals in the field of architectural and urban design education
Achievement Target

*Based on project application

Project Perspectives


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Intellectual Outputs
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Research and Action
Research and Action

Analytical, process, and problem-based research.


Cooperation and learning, training, and teaching activities.

Information and Communication
Information and Communication

National and European level results dissemination.

Education and Training
Education and Training

Increase and update of the offer in sustainability and heritage education.

Raising Awareness
Raising Awareness

The importance of sustainability and heritage thematic scopes.

Design and Development
Design and Development

Quality of teaching and curricula improvement.


– Final Presentation –

HERSUS financing period is completed

– Stay tuned for new initiatives and check our results –

Connecting Students of Architecture

Intellectual Output 4

Sharing Platform.

Open repository of educational and research resources.

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Knowledge obtained through HERSUS activities
``Many times, we get used to our work group, our circle, our methods and this experience allows you to think outside of your comfort zone.``
Pedro Conejo, USE

Cultural and professional relationships
``…. we were introduced to various different cultural and professional approaches and methods for the protection of the cultural heritage.``
Violeta Jovanova, IUAV

How HERSUS could inspire others
``HERSUS is an opportunity to get in touch with topics that need attention in different countries. The inspiration is to always try to attempt different ideas in different fields.
The cooperation, also, between different cultures brings a new innovative attempt at the topic.``
Federica Bassetto, IUAV

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