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E9: HERUS Final Presentation

The final ceremony of the Erasmus+ project HERSUS was held on 10th of July at the Rectorate building of the University of Belgrade. The presentation aimed at showcasing innovative endeavor realized in the previous 3 years in cooperation of University of Belgrade and the Faculty of Architecture together with the respective HERSUS Partners from Iuav University of Venice (Italy), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and University of Seville (Spain).
The project titledĀ Enhancing of Heritage Awareness and Sustainability of Built Environment in Architectural and Urban Design Higher EducationĀ represents anĀ educational-scientific project thatĀ strivesĀ to improve andĀ pilotĀ innovative practices in the field of sustainability and heritage, hence to empower competenciesĀ and motivationĀ of researchers in the field of architecture and urbanismĀ to include elements of curricula that could have innovative results applicable in the field of education, research and practice
The Event included three main parts starting from welcome notes and remarks on HERSUS from the representatives of the University of Belgrade and Faculty of Architecture, as well as representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and Director of the TEMPUS Foundation National Erasmus+ Agency in Serbia, followed by brief overview of the HERSUS results and acknowledgements for HERSUS partners handed over by Ambassadors and respective representatives of HERSUS countries embassies in Serbia.

Part I - Welcome words

"This event is appropriate occasion to highlight the Erasmus+ program pillars including: cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity, and innovation. Those pillars are also at the core of the development of higher education, which is why today's event aims to share the story of the HERSUS achievements, but also to inspire other institutions to take part in the Erasmus+ program."
Vladan Djokić
Rector of the University of Belgrade, HERSUS project Coordinator
"I consider it an exceptional privilege that our students had an opportunity to be involved in three very interesting workshops in Venice, Nicosia, and Thessaloniki. This framework enabled them to exchange experiences within HERSUS scope from an international and multidisciplinary point of view, simultaneously from the domains of education, theory, practice, and innovative research"
Vladimir Lojanica
Dean of the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture
"I would like to extend my congratulations to all the participants, as this project is one of the first Erasmus+ projects coordinated and successfully implemented by an institution from the Republic of Serbia since Serbia became a full-fledged member of the programme back in 2019."
Plamena Halacheva
Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to Serbia
HERSUS is not just a project which delivers results, but a project that provides added value and results beyond promised scope. Ms Marija Filipović Ožegović particularly commended the participation of students in the workshops that enabled them to acquire additional ECTS, and all partners for their collaboration in the process of design and development of results.
Marija Filipović Ožegović
Director of the TEMPUS Foundation National Erasmus+ Agency in Serbia

Part II - Presentation of HERSUS results

Part III - Awarding Certificates of Appreciation

At the end of the official ceremony, Prof. Dr. Vladan Djokić provided concluding remarks and invited all Ceremony participants to join Exhibition Opening in Atrium of Rectorate Building. The exhibition consisted of three parts: (1) Results of the HERSUS Student Workshops (The brief preview of the Syllabuses and Student Results ā€“ research and designs), (2) Awarded proposals of the HERSUS Prize on Modern Heritage for each of 4 categories (Education Students, Education Instructors, Practice, and Research), and (3) Presentation of HERSUS Intellectual Outputs and other activities (Timeline of the HERSUS Intellectual outputs followed by presentation of organized events and main achievements including HERSUS in numbers presentation

The event gathered around 70 scholars and practitioners from Serbia and abroad, including representatives of HERSUS consortium, HERSUS potential future partners, students, vice-deans of other Faculties, Belgrade city representatives, ambassador and respective representatives of HERSUS countries embassies, research institutes and media.

Exhibition opening

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