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HERSUS NICOSIA blended event – C3, M3 /// Zoom Registration Open

From the April 27th to May 6th, HERSUS Consortium would like to welcome you to the third Project event series: 

  • Teaching, Training Activity (C3) – Student Workshop 1: Adaptive Reuse followed by series of thematic lectures in a form of Seminar, and
  • Transnational Project Meeting (M3) – Second design and development meeting of HERSUS Consortium.

Seminar within C3 is open to the general public, while C3 Student Workshop will involve selected students from all HERSUS Consortium schools and activity M3 will involve consortium members.

The Event series will be hosted by the University of Cyprus, supported by all participating Higher education institutions, and will be organized in blended form – live in Nicosia, and online via the Zoom platform.

The full agenda of events you can find following:

In the HERSUS INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR – Adaptive Reuse, five international speakers will discuss the Adaptive Reuse of European Cultural Heritage, addressing the topic from multiple aspects and points of view. The themes of Cultural Heritage and Sustainability in the context of adaptive reuse will be presented both in a tangible and intangible sense. By combining Keynot Speakers from different cultural backgrounds and expertise, the Seminar intends to reflect on good practices cases and operative tools. Lectures aim to increase both students’, academic’ and general public awareness of the Cultural Heritage and Sustainability concepts in relation with adaptive reuse. 


  • Preservation of the Wine Cellars of Negotinska Krajina in Serbia: learning while doing. Education-based preservation of built heritage – Jelica Jovanovic, dipl.eng.arch, University of Technology in Vienna
  • “As Found”. A New Approach to the Reuse of the Built Environment – Prof. Carlos García Vázquez, University of Seville
  • Adaptive Reuse: How Successful can a recovery be within the Contemporary Sustainable Era? – Dr. Despina Parpa, University of Cyprus
  • From documentation to adaptive reuse: The case study of Agios Ioannis’ district in Kavala –  Dimosthenis Sakkos, MSc, Phd Canditate, Architect Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • “Conservation beyond reuse and abuse? Notes on the current fate of deconsecrated churches” – Prof. Donatella Fiorani, Sapienza University of Rome
HERSUS SEMINAR (28th of April, 2022) JOIN HERE
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