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Student Workshop 1: Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas

The C2: Hersus International Workshop on Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas has been held in the frame of Hersus Project Learning/Teaching/Training Activities.

Hosted by Universit√† Iuav di Venezia, the Workshop was led by professors and tutors with different profiles and research fields. The case study proposed to the students was the¬†Valmarana Salvi Gardens in Vicenza. ¬†Students worked in international groups of 6 students in collaboration with the Iuav Research team Vicenza Visioni and Institutions such as the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the metropolitan area of Venice and the provinces of őíelluno, Padua and Treviso.


The Workshop’s program aimed to improve innovative possibilities of Blended Mobility. Each phase, online and in presence, involved 18 master’s degree students from the HERSUS project partners’ universities. Students were involved in experimental Virtual Exchange activities to promote a multidisciplinary networked approach. The dialogue between incoming students and professors from different nationalities facilitated a multicultural exchange based on Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas. The cultural values from each participant promoted diversity, equity and inclusion on the Workshop’s topics.


Phase 1

The first phase was online and involved all the consortium partners. Starting from the Case study presentation, students get involved in the main topic of Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas. Five international speakers from different countries discussed the theme of sustainable reconstruction in urban areas, addressing the issue from multiple aspects and points of view. 

Phase 2

The second phase, held in an intensive week in Venice, allowed students to experience the Site and promote multicultural exchange. In this phase, students worked on the analysis of the Site using a collaborative cartography tool to map tangible and intangible values of the place.  

The identification of a synthesis of problems investigated from different points of view and different scales allowed students to find the most suitable design solutions to the issue related to cultural and historical contests.

At the end of the intensive week, students had the possibility to share with the HERSUS international team of professors and tutors their analysis and strategies for Valmarana Salvi Gardens.

Phase 3

In the third phase, students shared the work and general doubts on the workshop output with Professors and Tutors in online synchronous and asynchronous critic for the final outputs’ narration.

The final Exhibition of Workshop 1: Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas on the HERSUS Sharing Platform const of a General post (this one) with the resume of the workshop activities and final consideration and one post for each Student Group.


Emerging Fragments of Collective Memory

Students Group 1: Peter Covell, Virginia Del Puerto, Dunja Dedic, Athanasia Kloura, Marios Kyriakou, Ana Laura Solano

Inclusive accessibility | Sensorial routes through Heritage sites

Students Group 2: Laura Else Radu, Violeta Jovanova, Emmanouela Myrtaki, Relja Petrovic, Luis Rodríguez Díaz de León, Dimitriou Savvas

Fluid Borders - Confini Fluidi

Students Group 3: Mercedes Andrades Borras, Chara Elia, Yannick Joosten, Eleni Kaimakamidou, Nenad Pavlovic, Vittorio Perotti

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